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How to Increase Your Real Estate Blog Traffic and Engagement

Blogging regularly and consistently will help you increase your blog subscribers and boost your real estate website traffic.  You’ll be able to give a voice to your real estate company while providing valuable information to your potential and existing clients.

Boston Logic clients often ask us how they can write effective and engaging blog posts – content that will interest and build their following.  Here are tips on how you can build traffic and engagement:

    • Consistently blog. The more you blog, the more readers you’ll have. We recommend blogging multiple times a week. If you are limited to blogging once a week or every couple of weeks, post of the blogs on the same day of the week so that your readers know when to expect them. Consider having a weekly or monthly “column” on a given topic as well that readers look forward to and promote it by email as well.
    • Include images. According to Kissmetrics, compared to text-only posts, posts with photos get 53 percent more likes and 104 percent more comments. We live in an increasingly visual world. Make sure you leverage images to attract more interest.
    • Give your readers a little bit of more. Write in depth and detailed content that you can turn into PDFs. If you publish a series of tips or blog posts on a similar topic or theme, you can roll these up and offer them in PDF format to your readers as a download if they would like to learn more (just like this free blogging e-book!)
    • Write better headlines that make your readers want to learn more. Don’t just state the topic, but provide a statement that highlights the value of the post. This is your chance to be creative. Just don’t forget to get your SEO keywords in there too for search indexing!

How to select your blog post topics

We recognize that regularly publishing blog posts is difficult. It requires thought, research, and time. It also requires IDEAS. Ideas can be hard to come by – sometimes you just run out and have writer’s block. But don’t fret. It’s easier than you think to come up with valuable content for your readers. Here’s how:

    • Get ideas from your audience. Encourage them to send you suggestions of what they’d like to read. Writing about recommended topics will keep your readers happy and coming back for more.
    • Repurpose your old content. Go through your old blog posts and social media content to see what has been popular in the past. In regard to social media, which content is being liked, retweeted, or shared? You can experiment with different topics and see which ones have better responses. Then expand the 140-character tweet into a longer, information-rich blog post, an e-book, FAQ, infographic, or some other new content format.
    • Find out what your competitors are writing about. What type of content are your competitors posting? What are their engagement levels? You should monitor this on a regular basis, simply by following their social media channels and RSS feeds. Are they publishing content that pertains to your expertise? Don’t copy their posts exactly, but this is a good way to get general topic ideas and get a sense of where you might be getting out-performed in the real estate blogosphere.
    • Find out what topics are trending in your community. Stay in tune with what’s happening in your community by signing up for newsletters and following social media channels of local businesses and community leaders. Homebuyers are not only interested in the homes available, but also neighborhood amenities and events because they also want to learn about the community. Consider seasonal topics as well that will appeal to your audience.
    • Get an idea of what your readers are asking. Quora is a great tool to use to find out what will engage your community members and readers. If there are questions on Quora that you think you can answer in depth, answer it right on the site and include it in your real estate blog.

Get writing!

After looking at your competitors, community leaders, and your own blogs and social media channel, you should be able to make a list of content that you can write about for weeks. It is important that you are patient throughout the blogging process.

It takes time to increase blog traffic, so don’t expect to see massive traffic boosts right away. However, if you commit to blogging at least two to three times a week, within 3-6 months, you should start seeing a steady uptick in your organic site traffic.

Get writing and good luck!

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