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Ready to Take Your Brokerage’s Email Marketing to the Next Level?

Meet LogicReach, the most advanced email marketing and marketing automation system specifically tailored to the needs of thefeature_email real estate industry.

Part of the Sequoia Platform, LogicReach offers simple yet powerful features that help agents and brokers manage, nurture and communicate with clients.

1. Lists – Proper audience segmentation has never been easier. With LogicReach, you can manually or automatically add leads to one or multiple lists based on criteria you choose – for example, seller vs. buyer leads or segment by lead source.

2. Templates – Use our easy-to-use, out-of-the-box email templates or create your own! Editing, customizing and personalizing templates with your messaging, agent information and listings are simple with MLS integration and a familiar WYSIWYG editor.

 3. Newsletters – Ready to send your email? Just pick your template, select your lists and schedule the date and time. An individual agent can send their own emails, or a marketing support teammate can send a message out to thousands of leads on behalf of hundreds of agents! LogicReach automatically knows how to make it look like the email came from the agent working with each client.

 4. Drip campaigns and marketing automation – Drip campaigns allow you to create a sequence of messages to go out on a predefined schedule.  For example, all of your leads from could be added to one list. When a new lead gets added to that list, it would automatically trigger a series of follow-up messages.  Automated emails can also be anonymized to look like they are coming from the agent working with each lead.

 5. ReportingTrack and benchmark the performance of your email marketing efforts. See the delivery rates, bounce rates, open rates, and more to understand what’s working and what’s not?

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Formed in 2004, Boston Logic is an online marketing and software firm focused on the real estate industry, providing software, online marketing, and design services to real estate companies. Boston Logic helps works with real estate developers, brokers, and agents to help them grow and succeed by leveraging technology, marketing services and the web.