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January 7, 2016
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SEO Resolutions for 2016

Resolution text on typewriter

Resolution text on typewriter

Happy New Year from all of us here at Boston Logic! The new year is a chance to reset ourselves and outline some goals for 2016. While there are countless techniques and outlets for a successful online marketing campaign, in this post we will focus on SEO, and what we hope our readers will get out of their search engine optimization strategies this year:

SEO Resolution #1: Continue to Build High-Quality Links Back To Your Site

Link building: The process of earning links back to your website on other valuable and high-quality sites around the web. This process not only allows for referral traffic from these other sites, but may also lead to a boost in organic rankings on Google.

While we are way past the point of paying for links or participating in link building schemes here in 2016, the number and QUALITY of the backlinks to your site continues to be one of the most important factors in online rankings. Acquiring links to your site lets Google know that other sites trust yours and that they find it to be of value to their visitors.

There are plenty of ways for real estate brokerages to build links. Start by leveraging your company, broker and agent affiliations! Does your company sponsor a sports team? Donate to charity? Is your CMO on the board of a town committee? All of these organizations most likely have highly-trafficked websites that are valued by Google. Try asking for a link! You will most likely have a higher chance of success for earning links if you are reaching out to organizations and committees that you are involved with offline.

SEO Resolution #2: Strive For the Ultimate User Experience

User Experience: The way that visitors use and engage with your site. The ease, interest and delight of this process is a major part of what determines whether a visitors will remain on your site–or convert into a lead!

As online traffic continues to move onto mobile, tablets and applications, the demand for an engaging and simple user experiences is even higher. The impact of a strong user experience can be astronomical for all aspects of your online marketing.

If a visitor enjoys their experience on your website, they will stay on the site, return to the site, and tell their friends about it! Technically speaking, bounce rates will drop, click-throughs will increase, and you could see a boost in direct, organic and referral traffic! And if these users find value on your site, they have a better chance of converting into leads.

SEO Resolution #3: Create One-of-a-Kind Content With Value

Content: EVERYTHING you read, watch, listen to, look at and touch both online and off. No further explanation necessary.

Content, content, content. We heard this word on repeat in 2015 and for many years before that, and the game will not change in 2016.

The internet is flooded with content. From blog posts to videos, infographics, news articles and forums, we spend most of our lives consuming content–and most of it is online. But what are YOUR visitors looking for? Is there a particular question you seem to get over and over again from first time home buyers? Do you wish there was a cohesive resource out there for your sellers to consult before they start their selling process?

BE that resource!

As impressed as we are by flashy, well-designed content, the ultimate catch is value. People are more likely to read and consult material that they see value in, that they find helpful. We search the internet looking for questions to answers, and continue to return to sources that provide those answers. As a local real estate brokerage, your ultimate value-add for clients is your knowledge of your local area and the real estate market there. So share that knowledge!

Knowledge is power, and powerful real estate agencies attract visitors who convert into leads, who then convert into buyers and sellers.


Leah Tagliarino
Leah is a Marketing Services associate at Boston Logic, where she researches and and applies the major practices of digital marketing, to include Google Adwords online advertisement, search engine optimization, content production, blog management, keyword research, competitive analysis, reporting and more. She is in direct contact with Boston Logic clientele tasks on a daily basis, playing an integral role within the Marketing team.