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3 Ways Real Estate Marketing Is Like A Pumpkin Spice Latte

pumpkin spice latte

pumpkin spice latte‘Tis the season for warm sweaters, brightly-colored leaves, and of course, curling up by the fire with a nice pumpkin spice latte. However, it is not the time to slow down your real estate marketing strategy!

Here are three reasons why approaching your marketing campaigns is similar to creating one of these delectable autumnal beverages:

1. There Are Many Components
Much like a great pumpkin spice latte, there are many ingredients that make up your online marketing strategy. There’s blogging, social media, paid advertising, and marketing automation, just to name a few.

Also like a latte, the key is in the ratios. In the end, it’s all about how they come together. Add a dash of paid advertising to boost your traffic, or how about nice heavy pour of content marketing to increase lead conversion and add to your email lists.

All of these ingredients are important, and a strong marketing strategy fuses them all into one cohesive sip. But it’s hard to master everything, so play to your strengths and experiment with the combinations. Who knows, you may stumble upon something great.

2. Everyone Is Trying to Do It
With the introduction of the internet, anyone can be a marketer. Your inbound leads are only a click away! Because of this, there is greater competition.

In today’s climate, it is rare to visit any page of the web and not find it littered with advertising of all kinds. And all of those blog posts and infographics you’re sharing? Those are part of some companies marketing strategy in some way or another.

This increase in online marketing has allowed for increased bidding prices for advertising and higher-level content, only raising the bar for every other marketer. To make a splash in today’s online world, you have to stand out, stay ahead of the curve, and be creative.

This is not meant to discourage those trying to enter the kitchens of online marketing, but only to make you aware of the reality. Luckily, there are still many more spots for great advertising, and many real estate brokerages have not even begun to grind the espresso beans.

3. Only A Few Can Be Great
During the fall months, it seems as though every cafe and restaurant are advertising something pumpkin-flavored. But they can’t all be great. Some are too sweet, some too bitter. Only a few can stand out in the mix, which is the same story for marketing.

It’s easy to be an okay marketer. Post your featured listings on social media, send out a monthly newsletter about all of the great things happening at your company. This will most likely lead to a steady trickle of website visitors. Hopefully, several of whom convert into leads.

But those brokerages who utilize their marketing resources to create a flood of leads, all of whom will be followed up and nurtured by knowledgeable agents, those will be the companies that will be great.

Are you interested in creating the perfect recipe for real estate marketing success? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us regarding our Marketing Services and Real Estate Website Platform.

Leah Tagliarino
Leah is a Marketing Services associate at Boston Logic, where she researches and and applies the major practices of digital marketing, to include Google Adwords online advertisement, search engine optimization, content production, blog management, keyword research, competitive analysis, reporting and more. She is in direct contact with Boston Logic clientele tasks on a daily basis, playing an integral role within the Marketing team.