At Boston Logic, we spend lots of our time learning about real estate marketing, real estate technology, and general real estate business best practices. Needless to say, we have gathered plenty of information on the real estate industry.

Here is our full library of marketing resources that we’ve put together. Check it out!

The Guide to Marketing Automation for Real Estate

Marketing automation makes your marketing practices more efficient and effective. Find out how you can implement marketing automation for 2017 to enhance your real estate business in this eBook.

Strengthen Your Social Media Presence

Social media is a powerful tool that helps real estate brokers and agents connect and engage with clients. Improve SEO and draw more leads by integrating social media channels to your real estate site. Download this eBook to learn how to effectively utilize social media to drive business to your brokerage.

Make Your Site Perform Better with Google Tools

It rules the search universe, and so much more. Google has a whole suite of products to help you gain competitive advantage when it comes to staying ahead of industry trends and optimizing and marketing your real estate website.

Real Estate Blogging – The Best Way to Get More Site Visitors

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to drive organic traffic and leads to your real estate website. The question then is not if we should blog, but rather how can we effectively plan an intuitive blog navigation and structurally create blogs and posts that maximize engagement.

Turn More Leads Into Deals with Lead Management

You have done a lot of work to drive leads to your site and have started to see progress. After you have generated leads, the question then becomes: what’s next? The answer: lead management.

Reach your Ideal Audiences and Close More Deals

Throwing out a sales pitch or blanket blasting your leads and customers is easy. It’s understanding your audiences on a more advanced level that sets you apart as a top marketer in the real estate industry. Developing customer personas (often called buyer personas) helps you do just that!

Boost Your SEO, Grow Your Presence, Generate More Leads

While the aesthetics of designing a website are important, they are only the cover to a much more complicated book. In order to achieve brand awareness, lead generation, and better SEO results you’ll need to understand usability and UX/UI. A website’s usability is how easy it is for someone to use, whereas user experience and user interface refer to how appealing your website is to navigate through and interact with.